Why Choose Ultra Employment ?


We Value Your Time

Ultra-Employment has been effectively helping clients, by providing them with high quality talent, using the best staffing practices. We strive to be your best partner to help you succeed. Ultra-Employment brings out of box thinking, along with deep industry knowledge, in order to find the best fit of workers for the task at hand. We evaluate and select candidates based on specific requirements, which leads to helping our clients succeed with their initiatives and meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Your Talent, Your Way.

Thats our motto when it comes to helping our clients. We’ve tailored our services around a people – yet goal oriented service. Our staff is devoted to understanding individual and company requirements and fulfilling them in accord. Our focus is to build effective, long term solutions and dependable personnel that works for all parties – all backed by an over delivering client support.

At Ultra Employment, we use professional expertise to assist employers to recruit effectively and efficiently. Ultra Employment uses a vast variety of tools an methods in order to provide our clients with beyond exceptional talent. Our main incentive is to find the right talent for the right job. 


Five Step Hiring Process

Step One

The recruitment process begins with each candidate filling out an application form. Within this form questions regarding past employment, advantages, disadvantages, time availability, and references’ contact information are asked.

Step Two 

We begin our process by speaking with possible candidates on the phone. A full interview is conducted touching on topics such as previous experience, job satisfaction, career aspirations, long and short term goals, strengths and weaknesses.

Step Three 

Those who pass our initial character and workforce criteria undergo face-to-face interviews with our skilled recruiters. Our recruiters are trained to ask the right questions to best understand the candidate.

Step Four

We ensure the individual is WHMIS certified (and if they are not, we provide the training). At this stage we do a wide variety of tests according to the job type the individual is interested and skilled in. Tests range from software and typing skills to equipment knowledge and heavy machinery licensing. 

Step Five 

Once we are satisfied with an individual in all categories we add the candidate to our database. All candidates are put on a strict 3 month probationary period upon hiring and are quickly weeded out if their initial placement provides less than satisfactory results.

How Do We Find Talent ?


A large percentage of our available workers come by way of referral! It means we’re doing something right, both in how we deal with talent and the companies we have on offer.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great place to find candidates with particular skill sets or qualifications, so we tend to top up our skilled labour and leadership pools at the events.

Job Boards

People who have taken steps to find employment on job boards are taking their employment situation into their own hands, which shows responsibility and initiative.

Mailing Listings

We have many people subscribed to our mailing lists who are just waiting for the right opportunity to come along. That opportunity could be at your company!